Artist PictureJust a little about me stuff!

I began my art career late in life, as it was the only way to quiet the voices.  It has become my passion.

Creativity and talent lies within everyone but it is a matter of how you choose to pursue it.  One of my favorite quotes  is “Talent is nothing more than a passion pursued”.  Unfortunately I don’t remember where I read it but it has always stayed with me.

Art was something that always  interested  me and over time the voices inside started to scream for attention.  The only way I found to quiet that racket was to pursue my passion.      From learning to show my art, being accepted into juried art shows and all the things that go with selling your art, it has been a wiggly curve!

There is always something new to discover and learn.  I continue to study and learn from other artists which keeps my art work evolving.  A special thanks go to those that urge me to explore and evolve as an artist.

Tinker the cat

I have lived in Alberta and Saskatchewan then to Alaska, back to Alberta then North Dakota and now back in Lloydminster, Alberta thanks to my husband’s adventurous nature.    Most days you will find me in the studio with Tinker doing what I love.    The coffee pot is on, and you’re welcome to stop to see what is new or just to visit.

Art has brought so much into my life.   It has allowed me to unplug from a world filled with noise and technology.  If my artwork allows you to stop and unplug from that world then I have created something of value.



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