Summer Queens

The wild rose is a true summer queen.    Once they are blooming there is a scent and mass of color that man cannot reproduce no matter how hard he tries.

Summer Queens 11x14 pastels.

Summer Queens 11×14 pastels.

While I was painting this, many memories can flooding back of warm June days, and the promise of long summer days to come.   If they had not bloomed by my birthday in the second week of June, Dad would tell me it would be a very short cool summer that year.  Whether that was right or wrong I do remember long walks along the field edges in early June looking for the Summer Queens.    Gingerly picking the first one I found to take back to Mom who would place in a bowl in the center of her table.  It was amazing that the just one or two of these Summer Queens would fill her kitchen with the their wonderful scent.   I know I am looking forward to that smell once more this summer.  I hope you will take the time to smell them this summer with your eyes closed and just enjoy what nature so freely gives.


  1. Great Blog Susan and lovely painting!

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