Art Society of Strathcona County

Why join?

I went to my first meeting last night and found a wonderful group of Artists.  I have been asked why I would drive 2 hours to join the Art Society of Strathcona County.  The answer is a simple one for me.  I miss being with other artists,  I miss the energy that is in a room full of artists talking about their passion and I miss giving back to the art community.

The things a society give to me.

The benefits are many when I belong to an art society.  For some reason when I spend time with artists I produce more artwork.  My family and friends eyes don’t glaze over when I start talking art as I talk to other artists instead of them about art.  It also provides me a place to share my art and participate in events with other artists.

But it is not just about what the society gives me, it is also about what I can give to the society as an active member.  I can give back by volunteering my time doing the things I enjoy.

If you are an artist considering joining and you will have so many opportunities open for you in so many ways.  If your not an artist but want to support the artists in community then join.

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