A Little Sunshine

It been a couple of cold January days which is probably what prompted the last two paintings

pastel painting

Pastel 9×12 – Catching a Ray

I really enjoyed doing this in pastels but it did present a few questions on how I was going to approach it.   Painting is often answering a lot of questions before you start and then after you start.  One of the things I do truly enjoy is losing the sense of time and place when I paint.  It is just me, and the painting.

oil painting

9 x 12 Oils A Little Sunshine

I used the same reference photo for these two paintings and I am planning on using it again today for  a painting.  Now the questions begin,  how to crop – what medium – what do I want to say.  And that is the just beginning.  The most important question for me is what do I want my viewer to see and feel.   It is always interesting to hear responses from the viewer so leave a comment and let me know what you see and feel when you look at these paintings.

Stay warm, it is another cold January day, a good day for creating more art!


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